Anchor Section – March 2023

During February, Anchor Boys have taken part in a number of different activities covering a host of interesting topics. 

Earlier in the month, we spent the evening enjoying some Lego-themed activities. Boys learned that enough Lego is sold each year to circle the globe five times, and leaders were surprised to learn that half of all Lego sales now to go adults! 

Boys were challenged in teams to build the biggest Lego tower they could, with mixed results, and they also made their own pictures and designs using Lego bricks as stamps with some poster paint and ink pads. 

Love was in the air the next week as we took a look at St Valentine’s Day. That included St Valentine’s Day Bingo, learning about the story of St Valentine, and decorating their own love hearts complete with BB tags with the idea of leaving them somewhere for people to find. 

Other recent themes have included telling the story of Jesus’ first miracle turning water into wine. 

As March approaches, we’re looking forward to the next Service for Uniformed Organisations which takes place on 12 March.