Anchor Section – February 2023

January has been a busy month for our Anchor Boys with a range of activities covering a host of different themes.

On our first Friday of the year we told the story of Jesus healing a blind man. We looked at some facts about the human eye, boys had a go at making their own telescopes, and to get a sense of how important our eyes are to us, we played a game of blindfold football. The game uses a special ball containing a bell, but the real challenge lies in boys keeping quiet enough so they can hear it.

The following week was themed around our feelings. We talked about the sorts of feelings we have in different situations, we tried acting out some feelings and boys made their own feelings wheel to help them understand and express their own feelings.

More recently, Chinese New Year gave us an opportunity to play some games themed around the occasion. This included hunting around the church to find red envelopes which are given to mark the new year, and making our own Chinese lanterns.

Themes in future weeks will involve a similarly broad range of topics, covering everything from Lego to Robert Burns.