Anchor Section – April 2024

Anchor Boys enjoyed the chance to join with older age groups at the Service for Uniformed Organisations earlier in the month, and they especially enjoyed the march past afterwards. Thanks go to everyone who attended.

Recent meetings on Friday nights have seen boys exploring a wide variety of themes including a number of Bible stories.

Early in March we learned about David and Goliath, with boys seeing if their aim was as good as David’s, and making a collage of a catapult.

To mark World Book Day, boys played book character bingo and made their own bookmarks, and ahead of the Service for Uniformed Organisations we took boys into the sanctuary for a picture quiz where they had to identify where various pictures had been taken.

We rounded off March with the Easter story, with boys making their own Easter biscuits using a mixture of digestives, jam, jammie dodgers, icing sugar and mini eggs. Hopefully some of them made it home without being eaten.

After Easter we’ll be into the final few weeks of the BB with plenty more fun and games to pack in.