Anchor Section – February 2024

Anchor Boys resumed after the festive break with more themed activities on offer every Friday for
our young members.

Pirates was the theme of our first night back with boys taking part in a range of pirate-themed
games and challenges. They scoured the church for treasure, lobbed cannonballs at each other’s
ships across the hall, and competed to find who could do the loudest pirate impression. Boys also
made their own paper plate pirates complete with a hat, eye patch, earring and bushy moustache.

Bible stories are a common theme for our Friday night meetings, and our most recent Friday
featured Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish builders. Boys heard the story and learned the
importance of having a good foundation, both in terms of their faith and for construction. They took
part in a challenge to see who could build the tallest and strongest Lego structure, and had just as
much fun trying to knock it down afterwards.