Anchor Section – November 2023

Recent weeks have seen Anchor Boys enjoying a wide range of fun activities based on a number of different themes. 

There was no surprise at all that our chocolate-themed evening proved to be a popular one with boys. 

Activities included a true or false game of chocolate facts, during which boys learned that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate as it doesn’t contain cocoa solids, and that the Ivory Coast is the world’s biggest producer of cocoa beans. 

Boys later scoured the church to find Willy Wonka golden tickets and then had a go at making their own top hats, with plenty of sampling in the process. 

Creepy crawlies was the theme the following week, with boys making their own spiders using paper plates, and most recently we spent an evening thinking about friendship, including what makes a good friend, the good qualities our friends have and how we should treat our own friends.