Anchor Section – October 2023

The new Anchor Boy session is now well underway, with boys taking part in a varied range of activities at our Friday night meetings. 

With a large number of boys having been promoted to Junior Section at the end of last session, we’ve been delighted to welcome some new faces, with our first night providing the opportunity for some ice breaker activities as boys got to know each other. 

That was followed by an evening focused on the theme of saving water. Boys took part in a quiz based on water saving tips, completed a craft activity and tried to guess how much water they would waste by leaving the tap running whilst brushing their teeth. The surprising answer was up to 12 litres! 

We’ll have plenty more activities planned as we enter October, and there’s still room for more newcomers should any other boys wish to join us.  

More information is available on our website at or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching for 130thGlasgowBB.