Company Section – November 2022

Company Section boys have been taking part in a variety of activities in recent weeks and showing great enthusiasm in the process. 

Earlier this month we marked the latest series of the Great British Bake-off with our own version to see which boys could make the best lemonade scones. 

With only flour, cream and lemonade required, the recipe couldn’t have been simpler, and so it was no surprise that the clean-up took longer than the baking. Still, a number of the boys produced impressive scones they were able to take home at the end of the night. 

Boys also took part in a treasure hunt-style quiz which involved heading out around Broomhill to take pictures of things which could serve as the answers to questions. Again, plenty of enthusiasm was on display and boys were awarded extra points for originality. 

As we head into November, we’re focusing on the Remembrance Sunday service on 13 November which will feature the Church’s uniformed organisations. The Bugle Band are practising for the occasion which is always a key part of the BB calendar.