Company Section – May 2024

Following the Easter Holidays, all our efforts in Company Section are now focused on preparations for our 116th Annual Inspection and Display. 

The Display takes place in the large hall on Friday, May 17th beginning at 7:00pm, and everyone will be made most welcome. 

The evening will feature a number of items that reflect our programme of activities such as drill, bugle band, games and fellowship, with boys currently working on all of these along with the opening and closing ceremonies. 

We will be welcoming Alison Chambers, Vice-President of The Boys’ Brigade, as our Inspecting Officer, and the evening will also feature our prizegiving ceremony, with boys competing for a number of individual and squad prizes reflecting the work of the Company over the course of the year.

We are also looking forward to presenting four boys with their President’s Badges and one boy with his Queen’s Badge – the highest award in the Brigade.

After we bring the session to a close, attention will turn towards Summer Camp 2024, which takes place at the Craggan Outdoor Centre on the banks of Loch Tay from 2-4 August. 

We expect to have roughly 12 boys attending and we will be packing as much into the weekend as possible.