Company Section – February 2024

It’s shaping up to be a busy second half of the session for our Company Section with a great deal
happening during January and beyond.

In January, four of our boys attended a Building Your Skills course offered by Glasgow Battalion
which focuses on topics such as leadership and communication. It’s one of the final requirements for
the boys who are looking to earn their President’s Badge at the end of this session.

The last Friday in January saw the Company hosting its annual Burns Supper. With plenty of food and
drink on hand, it is always an evening in which boys take the lead through a mixture of music, poetry
and song, with participation counting towards the Company’s awards programme as we learn about
our national bard. 

In early February, some of our boys will be visiting Scotkart in Clydebank for an evening go-
karting, complete with all-new electric karts. Leaders will be taking part as well, so some competitive
racing is guaranteed.

This is on top of our regular Friday night activities. Following the exploits of 16-year-old Luke Littler
at the World Darts Championship, darts has become a popular activity for the boys for the first time
in a while. So far, it looks unlikely anyone from the 130th will be troubling the world rankings, but at
least their subtraction skills are improving…