Junior Section – October 2022

Junior Section has resumed for another session and with 13 boys enrolled, we’re looking forward to a busy session ahead.

Our opening weeks have seen boys taking part in a range of badgework activities and games. The passing of Her Majesty The Queen was marked with activities looking at key facts and figures from her life, including her accession to the throne at the age of 25, the 110 countries she visited, her 30 corgis – and the 25,783 days she spent as our Queen.

Boys have also been getting to know each other better by taking part in a logo quiz – learning what certain logos are for and then trying to find the correct meaning sellotaped on each other’s backs!

We’re also delighted that District competitions have resumed for the first time since the pandemic began. Our Company organised the first event, the Junior Section five-a-side football at Scotstoun, and we were delighted to finish in third place in an enjoyable evening playing against other local Companies.