Company Section – June 2024

Thanks go to everyone who attended our 116th Annual Inspection and Display which took place on 17th May.

We were delighted to welcome such a large turnout for the occasion from boys’ families to members of the Church and former members of the Company.

Timelapse | 116th Annual Inspection & Display

The programme featured a range of items that reflected our weekly activities, which for Company Section included drill, bugle band and games.

The highlight of the evening was our most senior boy, Angus Happell, receiving his Queen’s Badge as he brought his time as a boy in the Company to a close. We were also delighted to award President’s Badges to four other senior boys – Robert Buchan, Daniel Gillatt, John Luca Mackay and Ethan Walker-Reid.

A special mention goes to Donald Mathison who won the main individual prize, the Award for Efficiency, for a third year in a row. The Squad Challenge Prize was this year won by Squad #2 commanded by Angus Happell.

Our Inspecting Officer for the evening was Alison Chambers, Vice-President of The Boys’ Brigade. Thanks also go to George Mackay for chairing the evening and to Gordon Smith for playing the piano during the hymns.

Attention now turns to Summer Camp which takes place at the Craggan Outdoor Centre on the banks of Loch Tay from August 2-4.

Ahead of next session, anyone interested in joining can find out more at